Our mission in the Church and in the world

The Institute’s aim is both one’s own salvation

through the practice of the evangelical counsels,

and the salvation and sanctification

of the feminine popular class”

                         G. Meneghini, Memory I,24

Our mission in the Church is to live

the mystery of the incarnated Verb,

witnessing Jesus, Servant of the Father,

gentle and humble of heart

in the lifestyle,

in the evangelic message

and in the works for woman’s human and Christian promotion.

This mission, that we receive with the religious profession,

is primarily left to our personal witness

and to our community’s witness.

With the generosity of our daily work

and the courage of prophetic proposals,

we will show the validity of a life plan

where everyone puts oneself to the service of others through love.

From the Constitutions               

Our mission in the Church and in the world is expressed by apostolic choices in the following fields