Missionary field

In these callings it seemed to me

to have such a big heart

and such a burning longing

for the souls’ salvation,

that it seemed enough

to embrace all the world..

Giovanna Meneghini, foundress

Bringing  the Gospel in the world, the good news that God loves each man and each woman and He wants his/her life, happiness, realization, independently of the economic or social condition of everyone. The Lord Jesus has come for everyone, but particularly for the poor.

Animated by the love for humanity, for the Church and for the world, we cultivate the dimension of the mission ad gentes with the missionary training of our communities to justice, critical consumption, ethical use of money, fair information of the world’s events, the deepening of the missionary spirituality of our religious and Christian communities.


We have also left for other continents, with our ‘luggage’ of women consecrated to God, at His service for the human and Christian promotion of women.

We are present in South America, in Brazil,

with two communities.

and in Africa, in Mozambique,

with two communities.

We settle in in these realities so different for culture, traditions, religious experiences with a great respect and spirit of collaboration and of dialogue, aware that God speaks through the concrete gestures of liberation, justice, sharing and solidarity.

The relationship with the missionary communities goads us to be attentive to the new styles of life to be carried out in our world, in order to make sure that the Kingdom of God, kingdom of justice and peace, may grow also through the concrete choices of  the Christians of our communities.