La nostra spiritualità

“According to me

the spirit of the new servants of the Lord

had to be perfect abnegation of themselves

and tireless zeal for the souls’ salvation”

G. Meneghini, Memory II,2

Maybe these words of Mother Giovanna make us smile today: they really seem faraway in the formulation and expression! But their meaning is deep and very current: to live the gift of ourselves for the human and Christian promotion of humanity, in order to make know to all persons the deep sense of the life that the God of Jesus Christ has communicated in his Son.



Our spiritual life tends to develop, in the gift of the Spirit, as progressive experience of Jesus Christ, met and deeply welcomed as divine person. In Him we contemplate the Verb of God, who became similar to us, our brother, sharing our destiny and savior, glorious and living Risen. Inspiring ourselves to the attitudes that led him to his total dispossession, to the death of the cross, we also feel called to deprive us of ourselves, abandoning ourselves to the creative action of the Spirit, so that he gradually gives us the evangelical spiritual features, according  to the Foundress’s intuition: “perfect self-abnegation and tireless zeal for the souls’ salvation. (From the Constitutions)



With Christ, Servant of the Father’s plan of love, and with Mary Servant of the Lord, we live the beatitudes of meekness and poverty. Penetrating in history with faith, we proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Lord, for the glory of the Father, and try to live in the logic of service in every aspect of our existence, proclaiming with our life the evangelical alternative to the logic of power and oppression.



The look at today world existence is enlightened by the Word of God, and together with Mary we take on and celebrate the joys and the hopes, the grieves and the anxieties (Gaudium et Spes 1), the capacity of offering, gift and commitment that  women express, interpreting them at the light of the history of salvation.